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Ugh... My Husband Just Doesn't Get It

"What's wrong?" my husband asks. "Nothing," I reply.

Neither of us are convinced.

Nothing clearly means something, but even I am confused by my up and down emotions. How can I expect my husband to keep up?

The truth is, I am sure it's because my husband's work schedule has ramped up.

He is home, but at the same time, he is not.

His schedule is dictated by everything that needs to be done before training occurs. I know that this wild ride of a schedule will be occurring, yet every time it does, it still affects me.

My expectations may need to be adjusted.

I have tried to work on my perspective and shift my attitude, but more often than not, my emotions take charge.

When he finally comes home from an exhausting day, he is not greeted by a cheerful, loving wife.

He can feel the tension as he walks through the door. I have had the evening to simmer in my feelings.

Thoughts have been swirling in my mind for hours, such as...

- He doesn't care how this is affecting our family or me.

- I am not meant for military life if this schedule is too much to handle.

- I am not strong enough.

Friends, these thoughts are lies that the enemy can use to create a divide in your marriage. He wants us to be justified in our anger. The lies fuel a fire within our hearts.

Our hearts and emotions can mislead us. We must be on guard and stand firm in what is true.

Take a step back.

Remind yourself that you are loved.

Seek the root of the frustration.

Cry out to God when your heart is unsettled.

The enemy uses lies to make a minor frustration seem much larger than it really is.

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