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A Reminder During PCS Season

As the mountains fade into the distance and the familiar scenery from our last duty station disappears, I start feeling the tears welling up inside me.

The memories that were made circle in my mind on repeat. Saying goodbye to friends and neighbors is such a hard task.

As I look into the rearview mirror while driving away, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness. I see all the beauty that He surrounded my life over the past four years.

I see the community He placed me in and the specific people He had in place to impact my life.

It’s easy during life when we are in the thick of difficult seasons to question where God is. It’s easy to wonder what He is doing and how we will make it into the next season.

If you are finishing a season, don’t forget to look back. In such moments, you will see God’s handiwork come to life.

You will see how He was in control all along. Reveling in His goodness and closing the door on one chapter will give you the courage to open the next door with boldness and enthusiasm.

So, look back, and examine what God has done in your life, for a new season is on the horizon, and it is bound to be just as beautiful.

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