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The Great Escape

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Have you ever had an upcoming event or trip planned that you were initially excited about, but as the time for that planned event came, you wanted to cancel? I can honestly say that on any trips I have planned, I have been about getting away until this past weekend.

Last January, in the dead of winter in upstate New York, my husband and I were daydreaming of warmer days. We own a travel trailer and were eager to go camping and explore the area, so while we were hibernating and trying to stay warm amongst all the snow, we booked a campsite and planned an epic camping adventure for June.

(This view exceeded all of my daydreams. )

The weeks leading up to this little adventure were stressful. My husband's work schedule was all over the place. We barely saw each other, and the last few weeks of school were upon us. With everything going on and not having a moment to slow down, all I wanted to do was cancel this little trip. I didn’t want to pack up our trailer to get to our site, unpack, then pack it up a few days later. The idea of all the work that camping brings didn’t sound fun or relaxing. I will admit that I may have tried to talk Austin into canceling our plans and staying home for the long weekend. For the record, I’m so thankful he didn’t listen to me. We needed this trip. We needed to escape, even if it was just 30 minutes from our house.

As a military family, the time that we have together is precious. We try to make the most of every opportunity due to not knowing what lies ahead. We celebrate all the things, big or small. Making the most of our time together and creating memories is what gets us through when we can’t be together. For us, it was as simple as driving 30 minutes away to feel like we had escaped our everyday life entirely. We can leave the stress of work and everyday life back home and be. We fished, kayaked, cooked over the fire, made s’mores, and enjoyed the breathtaking sunsets. This was the great escape that my family needed.

Have you had any experiences like this? Have you taken a trip you didn't want to go on and ended up being the best thing for your soul? It's funny how a change of scenery can rejuvenate us and give us that extra pep in our step to tackle any obstacles ahead. So, my challenge for you is to make your plans, stick to them, and find your great escape. I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments? Also, if you are familiar with the upstate New York area, where should we go next?

Take the trip, friends,


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