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To the One Who is Homesick

Father, tonight I pray for the military wife who is homesick.

Although she continually tries to make friends, the process is not as quick as she would like.

So many days are spent alone.

She feels isolated in this military life.

Father, her heart is heavy and aches for community. She yearns to be near family and friends that know and love her.

The holiday season ignites her sadness and longing to be home.

Father, I pray for her tonight.

I pray that You comfort her heart.

I pray that she sees You in her loneliness and never feels alone.

Father, we trust that You go before us, and we trust in Your timing and Your plan.

Please help her to draw close to You this season.

Tonight, I boldly ask that You place people in her life who will fill her cup and

ultimately point her to You.

Even in our heartache, we praise You.


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